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Abundance - Willow Tree

"Sentiment: So much love!" Høyde ca 13,5 cm. Håndmalt resinfigur. Leveres med gaveeske. ..

Kr.249,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.199,-

Angel of caring - Willow tree

Always there, listening with a willing ear and an open heart. Høyde 9.5cm...

Kr.249,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.199,-

Angel of freedom

Angel of Freedom - Willow Tree figur Allowing dreams to soarFiguren er ca 13 cm høy..

Kr.249,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.199,-

Angel of Harmony

-In harmony with life's rhythm.Høyde: 14.0cm..

Kr.249,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.199,-

Angel of mine Willow tree

Angel of Mine - so loved, so very loved. Susan Lordi, kunstneren bak Willow Tree figurene, sier..

Kr.349,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.279,-

Angel of The Garden- Willow Tree

Min favorittfigur er endelig tilbake igjen, etter å ha vært ute av sortimentet en stund! Angel of th..

Kr.249,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.199,-

Around you - Willow Tree

...just the nearness of you“I wanted to sculpt a young couple, finding romantic love – the butterfli..

Kr.599,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.479,-

Beautiful wishes - willow tree

A gathering of beautiful wishes for you - love, health, happiness..

Kr.249,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.199,-

Bloom - Willow Tree

Like our friendship... vibrant and ever constantVakker håndmalt polyresin figur fra Willow tree. &nb..

Kr.249,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.199,-

Butterfly - Willow Tree

Resilient, determined, courageous and beautiful... You have the qualities to transform your world ..

Kr.499,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.399,-


Cherish - Willow TreeÅ vente på et mirakel... Høyde 21.5 cm Alle figurene fra Willow..

Kr.349,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.279,-

Child of my heart - Willow tree

A child of my heart - Willow Tree figur"Child of the world, into my heart you came. Bringing sun int..

Kr.349,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.279,-

Chrysalis - Willow Tree

Protect and cherish; give wings to fly“A chrysalis is the protective covering in which a caterpillar..

Kr.449,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.359,-

Close to me - Willow tree figur

"Apart or together, always close to me" Denne figuren av en voksen og en ung pike symbolis..

Kr.399,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.319,-

Courage - Willow tree

CourageBringing a triumphant spirit, inspiration and courage Høyde ca 13 cm ..

Kr.249,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.199,-

Father and son

Celebrating the bond of love between fathers and sons. Høyde ca 18 cm..

Kr.449,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.359,-

Forget-me-not Willow Tree

\'Holding thoughts of you closely\'.Forget-me-not er en \"Tenker på deg\" - figur, med en universal ..

Kr.249,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.199,-

Free Spirit Willow Tree

Free spirit - Willow Tree figur"Dancing through life with laughter" Susan Lordi sier om denne figure..

Kr.249,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.199,-

Friendship - Willow tree

Friendship - Willow Tree figurVennskap er den søteste gave! Figuren er 13,5 cm høy..

Kr.249,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.199,-


Making memories that last lifetimes .Høyde ca 18 cm..

Kr.499,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.399,-

Gracious - Willow Tree

The pineapple is a familiar symbol of gracious hospitality. Accents of gold emphasize an extra-speci..

Kr.299,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.239,-

Grateful - Willow Tree

I\'m so grateful for your friendship - denne figuren holder en bukett med blomster. Høyde..

Kr.349,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.279,-

Guardian - willow tree

\"...This figure could suggest a guardian spirit of protection. She could also be comforting to some..

Kr.349,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.279,-

Guardian Angel

"May you always have an Angel to watch over you". Høyde 13 cm, laget av resin ..

Kr.249,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.199,-


Happiness - Willow Tree figurFREE to sing, laugh, dance... create!Designeren Susan Lordi skjærer all..

Kr.299,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.239,-

Heart of Gold - willow tree

Heart of gold - Willow tree figurYou will always have my heart Høyde 14 cm ..

Kr.249,- Ekskl. mva: Kr.199,-